JVA Z-14

Energizer / Monitor for Electric Security Fences


  • Feeds electric fences from 50 metres up to several Kilometers, from 1 to 8 alarm zones.

  • Can be used stand-alone or in combination with existing security systems, access control systems or video surveillance systems.

  • Can be controlled and monitored remotely, e.g. using GSM.

  • Automatic switching to daytime/tamper mode for 24-7 security.

  • LCD-display showing feed- and return voltage.

  • Battery backup up to 12 hours.

Specifications JVA Z-14 / Z-18

Feed voltage:  230v 1-phase (cabinet version) or 16V AC 1A
Output Voltage:  Approximately 9 KV
Output energy:  Up to 4 Nm / 8 Nm
Pulse frequency:  0.8 Hz
Battery:  Maintenance-free 12 V, 7 Ah