Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Security Fences


1. How does it work?

2. How do I install it?

3. Is it dangerous?

4. Doesn’t it look unfriendly?

5. What about false alarms?

6. What about electric interference and fire hazard?

7. Are Electric Security Fences expensive?

1. How does an Electric Security Fence work?

The working principle of an Electric Security Fence is that of a powered alarm detector, watching over an entire fenced perimeter. It is totally compatible with all existing alarm systems.

The fence is built up by alternating plus- and minus charged metal wires, with a voltage potential of up to 10.000 Volts.

A widespread misconception about Electric Security Fences is that “the current is low”. Wrong! Both the discharge voltage and current are high, giving a considerable output power.

The Electric Security Fence also offers an alarm function. The electronics have been designed to detect attempt to tamper, e.g. through touching, cutting, shorting or grounding the fence wires. This is mainly achieved by continually comparing the actual fence voltage to a preset alarm triggering voltage. Up


2. How do I install an Electric Security Fence?

An Electric Security Fence is mounted on the inside of a normal industry fence, e.g. a mesh structure. It typically stands 250 cm tall but can be double that height. It can also be installed on top of a house roof or a stone wall.

All installations should be done by professionals. Up


3. Are Electric Security Fences dangerous?

Our Electric Security Fences, however painful to touch, do not present any health hazard to humans. The electric discharge is extremely short, only some 1/10.000 of a second. It renders the human body a momentary - and harmless - electric shock.

There in an EU standard for the design and construction of Electric Security Fences. It contains vital rules and recommendation for protection of both “the good and the bad”. Up


4. Doesn't an Electric Security Fence look unfriendly?

Electric Security Fences are very discrete. The wires are hardly visible from a distance. Since no barbed wire is used, the appearance is friendlier than that of a conventional fence - and there is no risk of being entangled. Up


5. What about false alarms?

When properly designed and installed, Electric Security Fences are known to give reliable information. The need for maintenance includes checking the fence for damage, removing foreign matter, excess vegetation and snow. Under extreme conditions, parts of the Electric Security Fence can easily be desensitized on demand. Up


6. What about electric interference and fire hazard?

When properly installed, an Electric Security Fences will not cause such problems. Up


7. Are Electric Security Fences expensive?

Compared to other perimeter protection technologies, Electric Security Fences are favourably priced. Also, considering the expected drastic reduction in penetration attempts, the payback time is very short. Up