The JVA product line        

Eurofence manufactures all Electric Security Fence cabinets in Sweden, using state-of-the-art electronics from Pakton/JVA.


The JVA lines of energisers represent state-of-the-art.

The insulator posts are StapleloK® of our own make. These posts are the most advanced to be found in the security fence industry. StapleloK® posts are made from High-tensile Alu-Zinc coated steel and feature the ingenious staple system, allowing quick mounting and easy repair.

NEW! JVA Perimeter Patrol PC-based software offers convenient remote control of your energiser systems. With the new JVA Web Server you can even run the system from anywhere on earth where there is an internet connection.


Eurofence also offers JVA Electric Fence equipment for the agricultural market.