Welcome to Eurofence Protection!

Eurofence Protection AB are specialists in Perimeter Security. We have established a position in the marketplace through effective and reliable solutions - based on Electric Security Fencing systems.

Eurofence Protection AB is owned by Eurofence Sweden AB and LMK Ventures AB,  a subsidiary of LMK Industri AB,

The company HQ is in Åkersberga just outside Stockholm. The Swedish production facility is in Föllinge in Jämtland (~500 km north of Stockholm). We also have operations in RSA and Australia. Our program spans from stand-alone solutions for small perimeters to PC-controlled multi-section systems for large fences, complex environments and extreme security levels.

Today there are effective methods against trespassing, theft and sabotage. Investing in an Electric Security Fence has often proved to be the best choice and the payback time is usually very short.